Personal Amusement

Boredom can be a very productive thing.

For the past 3 months or so I’ve been a scruffy shell of person. I haven’t really shaved much and I only vaguely remember what the word haircut means. I pretty much went to seed as my life spiraled into a slump.

Ever since my little adventure in backless gown couture though I’ve started to pick myself up and brush off the things that were weighing me down. Both the mental jewelry that I was sporting as well as the shaggy mop of a thing I call hair.

Yup, that’s right. Last night, in a stroke of bored genius I decided that bald quite possibly is beautiful… and shaved my head again. Of course, logic really never entered into it and I’d forgotten just how cold one’s head can get without a layer of hair to insulate it. I also forgot that… DUH it’s October! Since I managed to remember these wonderfully fun facts after the fact, I’ve been wandering around the house with a rolled up balaclava on my noodle looking to the world like a landlocked longshoreman. Part of me says, hey that looks kinda cool but I’m mainly just trying to keep my body warm.

Okay the real truth is my vanity prevents me from telling you all just how good I really look so you’ll all just need to take a step back. I wouldn’t want you beating down my door in a fit of jealous rage/lust now would I.

I’ll try and post a pic or two one of these days both with the ‘clava and without. In the meantime and in between time I’m going to rub my scalp stubble for good luck (and because it’s auto-erotic and I like the way it feels).

See, now wasn’t this post an absolute waste of time. As I said, boredom can be productive.