Do I Blog Too Much?

I’ve been noticing (and I’m sure you have as well) that I seem to be posting quite a bit lately. Part of me is wondering if I’m just finally getting into the habit of writing something, no matter how meaningless on a daily basis. Another part of me wonders if there are better things I could be doing instead.

As of this post, I’ve posted 24 entries this month alone and at the rate I’m going I suspect I’ll probably break 40 by the time November rolls around. The next biggest month that I have seems to be June 2005 with a whopping 25 entries. So I’m beginning to think that I just might need a slightly less verbose hobby. Meh! What do I know.

On that note, I’ve managed to track down a Polling Widget for WordPress and I’m going to let you lot decide for me. I am a lemming after all and ALWAYS bow to peer pressure *snort*.

Now the last time I ran a regular poll on this site, I was brutally reminded just how few people actually visited here (and subsequently voted). Here’s hoping I’ve managed to garner a few more friends in the interim, or at least goobs that vote more.

First, I’m hoping that the poll will appear at the bottom of this post but if not you should be able to see it on the far sidebar.

Speaking of the sidebars, in case you hadn’t noticed I added a few more pages for my RPG world project. They’re really just placeholders and once I regain access to my copy of Dreamweaver and my templates I plan on fancying them up and bringing them thematically in line with that subdomain website. I allowed comments to be posted on both pages but for some reason they don’t show.

Anyways. On with the show…


5 thoughts on “Do I Blog Too Much?

  1. Sure, you’ve got a bunch of posts, but they’re not all lengthy. if you don’t count the ones that are just a few descriptive lines of text and something interesting, then you really haven’t posted too many.

    You’re not posting too much now, you weren’t posting enough before.

  2. I just think it should be pointed out that since Amanda and I share an IP, one of us couldn’t vote.

    So there’s one vote for “Hell no!…”

  3. As long as you two disconnect between your logins you guys can both vote. Looks like you’ve got a dynamic IP going on so depending on what IP you’re assigned when you log on you should be fine.

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