*grrrrr*. Apparently my stats tracker also became broken when I switched themes. At least it seems that way. It hasn’t registered any hits in the past 2 days.

7 thoughts on “Dammit

  1. Well, Amanda and my visits probably would have put your hits up to 10 or so.

    So, subtract that number from your hits of 4 days ago, plus a few extra for the content and you had…

    43 views, 54 views, and 62 views.

    Good job, that’s a higher average than I had.

  2. Actually Today 0 hits shown. No links followed. No Search engine Search Terms. Nothing. Yesterday the same.

    Day before that was 23 hits

    (I typoed. It should’ve been past 2 days not 3)

    PS – Do you happen to know what blog stats tracker plugin you’re using?

  3. WordPress.com has one built in with some very nice details. It’s not a widget, it’s part of the site.

  4. Yeah I know it. I’m pretty sure the plugin that I’m using is the same one. I have no clue why it’s not working. Le Sigh

  5. AHA! Methinks I’ve solved the problem. I shall wait till tomorrow and see for sure if stats are being tracked. So far though It’s registered a few test hits.

    Apparently there was a little snippet of code missing that I had to manually add. Go me!

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