Because Bad Things Happen In Threes.

Because of a throwaway comment I made regarding my good friend Jon, his friend Mark came up with this. Not to be outdone, Jon’s wife Amanda got in on the joke and produced this.

As I’m the third of these right proper bastards, I thought it rather fitting to weigh in with my own entry in this ever so inside joke. As promised… a Lolcat version… or I guess it’s a LoLjon version.


(First off, I’m too lazy to go looking for a decent pic so you take what you can get)

5 thoughts on “Because Bad Things Happen In Threes.

  1. Yeah, I was thinking that was a more appropriate one myself afterwards, but it was 4am and I wasn’t going to go back and change it… at least not yet at any rate.

    I might even delve through their photoblog and get some more pics and amuse myself that way. I haven’t quite decided how much I want to beat a dead horse though.

  2. I’m just a little disappointed I don’t have a picture of him with a pancake on his head. Now THAT would be comedy gold.

  3. And you know what? You never will find a picture of me with a pancake on my head@

    Other than that one, of course…

    Seriously, nice work. I love it!

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