A Miscellany of Interestingness

It’s Thursday… okay it’s now really early on Friday morning but bear with me, I started this damn post when it was still Thursday and that’s what counts right? <crickets> Well it does here sonny jim so shut the hell up!

Here are a couple of links that I stumbled across in my wanderings tonight. Hooray for random link hopping. It gets you to the most interesting places.

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*Gasp* A Hockey Post

Wow, the Oilers actually won tonight. Colour me surprised. The last four games they’ve played have been absolutely horrible. Tonight they showed up and actually managed to look somewhat competent. Torres was playing like he was supposed to (and should have been all last season) and scored twice. Rock on.

Here’s hoping they win against Calgary on Saturday and then against Colorado on Tuesday. Hrrm. I wonder if I’ll be able to snag the tickets for Tuesday’s game. It’ll be nice to see the crowd react to Smitty’s return, he’ll get a standing O, of that I have no doubt. It’ll be a fun game to watch.

Hrrm. I must go and prepare my bribes if I am to score those tickets.