So, I downloaded and watched this week’s Doctor Who episode, titled 42, last night. The rough plot is the Doc and Martha have 42 minutes to save themselves and the crew of a spaceship from crashing into a sun.

Now, I was more than a little dissapointed in this ep. Anything that invokes the number 42 is cool in my eyes, just because of the significance to Douglas Adams. It’s doubly cool when a Doctor Who episode name drops like this, since Dougy boy was a script writer for the old series and all that… or at least it would be cool if the damn episode had anything to do with him whatsoever!!


If you’re going to have the balls to name an episode 42, you’d better have a script with enough gravitas to carry the weight and do justice to it’s originator. As it was, it was a crap filler episode with nary a reference to anything Adams created. Hell there wasn’t even the slightest amount of absurdist normality that pervaded his work. It was exactly what I summed up earlier: Doctor must save ship in 42 minutes. I mean What the hell?!?! Could you be any more unoriginal…

And all I can say is Martha’s mom is an utter hag. Okay… that’s enough bitching on my part. Hopefully we’ll get some better eps in the coming weeks.

One thought on “42

  1. Man, I too was hoping that an episode titled “42” would contain Adams references. Moreso in the context of this Doctor having already referenced Arthur Dent and, if memory serves correctly, towels.

    I haven’t seen it yet, as I am currently four weeks behind on the series, but I suspect that you have actually lightened my disappointment with this episode, as I now know better than to be anxiously awaiting fun references.

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