The Saga Continues…

For those of you who remember (or care), you know I’ve been having computer problems for awhile now and I’ve tried almost everything under the sun barring going out and buying a new system to fix them. When we last left off, I had hopefully narrowed the problem down to the video card. So off I went hunting for a new card that I could use.

I found a good deal at ATI’s site that would allow me to trade-up to a high end card by buying a new card, then sending in my old card and getting a sizable refund. It was a great deal so I put in an order back on January 14th. I got an email right away saying that it was on backorder and that it could take up to 4 weeks to arrive. Meh, I wasn’t in any particular hurry so I was okay with that. I could make do with what I had until then.

Last week I realized it had been quite awhile since I’d heard from them so I checked and the card was still on backorder. I gave them a call and the drone on the other end of the phone had no ETA for me as to when it would be in stock so I went ahead and cancelled the order. Honestly, 6 weeks? That’s quite ridiculous if you ask me. When I got my ipod it came from Shanghai in 2 days after saying I had a 2 week wait.

So after much debate, I decided to spend the extra cash and just get a new card. So, as of Monday, this will be my new card. I know this because I have the tracking # and I would’ve received it today but Canada Post doesn’t deliver on Saturdays.

So, hopefully come Monday all my computer woes will be over.

*pets his new toy*