Hey Jon

Hey Jon,

Had you seen this at all?

I just picked it up the other day and it’s… odd. I love Fabry’s art in general but for some reason this just seems out of place, like it doesn’t quite fit the story, or probably more accurately, my perception of how the story and characters should look. It has a very Transmetropolitan/Invisibles vibe about it and while cool in their own rights, just doesn’t seem to fit. Now, that being said I haven’t read it yet so it may all just be a first impression type of thing and it’ll all come out in the wash.

If you’re curious, that’d be Door on the cover? More looks like Ragged Robin to me.

3 thoughts on “Hey Jon

  1. I’m familiar with it, but I only picked up one issue. I wasn’t impressed with Carey’s writing, and Fabry’s art turned me off. I have learned, to my displeasure, that just because something has the words “Neil Gaiman’s” on the cover, it doesn’t mean he was directly involved.

    So it can still suck.

    Also, where’s my prize/buzzer indicating failure?

  2. Yeah,

    I just read it last night. The writing is sub-par and it detracts from the original work with the change in voice and the omission of several scenes/characters. Fabry’s art is still cool, but it’s incongruous to the story and his vision of pretty much most of the characters is very off in my opinion. There’s too much weirdness in the way they dress or are drawn and definitely not enough “homelessness or scratchbuilt vagrancy” if you will. People are too flashy… and what the hell is with the multicoloured people? And yeah. I agree Not all Neil is gold, but at the same time, you can’t find that out without taking a chance and reading it first.

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