Are You Watching Comfortably?

Yes, the punny blog titles continue! One of these days I might actually bother to get a wit of my own instead of borrowing from the collective gestalt that is modern society. Anyway, thanks to Jon’s knowledge of things man was not meant to know, I have delved into the depths of the Needcoffee site and unearthed their Dream cast for Watchmen.

While I still haven’t formulated my own ideas of a dream cast, here is theirs for your enjoyment. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions of their own. Obviously John Ritter is out due to his untimely death a couple of years ago. Who else does that leave us with?

Dream Cast:
The Comedian – Stacy Keach
Rorschach – William H. Macy
Hollis Mason (Nite Owl I) – Jack Lemmon
Nite Owl II – John Ritter
Ozymandias – Cary Elwes
Dr. Manhattan – Jeff Goldblum
Silk Spectre II – Cathy Moriarty
Sally Jupiter (Silk Spectre I) – Ann-Margret
Moloch – Martin Landau
Dr. Malcolm Long – Ernie Hudson

Dream Crew:
Directed by – Terry Gilliam
(taken from the Archives

And if you haven’t read the Watchmen yet… I call you PHILISTINE and shall now go get the old hag from The Princess Bride to scream ephitets at you until you do.

One thought on “Are You Watching Comfortably?

  1. Well, I hate to sound like a bandwagoner (is that a word?), but I think that at this stage I’d replace Elwes (whose work I enjoy) with Christian Bale. He seems a little more physically the part, and he’s proven he can play the emotionless and the psychotic.

    Lemmon is out, as he too has passed on.

    Keach is a little… rotund these days, though if he hit the gym I still think he could be the Comedian.

    I haven’t seen 300 yet, so I don’t know what Snyder is like as a director. I have heard that the characters aren’t remotely the most important part of 300’s success, however, and that worries me.

    I would be more tempted to go with Rodriguez as the director, as he proved with Sin City that he can do a character driven comics movie.

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