Who Watches… The Trailers?

WTF?!?! Where the hell was I when this happenned?

Apparently there if you watch the 300 Trailer there is a “subliminal” blip at 1.52min That has a still of…

Wait for it…

I said wait….

… Rorshach from The Watchmen?!?!?!?


This so better not suck monkey balls like all the rest of Allan’s screen adaptations have (despite me being partial to V for Vendetta and League for all their flaws). I so want just ONE of his books to translate to the screen properly and respectfully AND be successful both critically and commercially. I know it won’t change his mind about the movies and all that, he’s too much of a crazy neo-luddite for that to happen, but he does deserve it after all of his other works have been butchered so thoroughly.

For those of you who’re wondering What the living fuck I’m talking about

I direct you thusly.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

And finally Exhibit C which is just a large uncropped version of A.

I’ve no idea on the cast but they damn well better get Jeff Goldblum for Doc Manhattan. If they don’t it would be analogous to not casting Patrick Stewart as Professor X.

My mind is awhir with dream cast speculation… I wonder if I can find that list of dream cast for movies that was in dev hell. Jon, help me out here, I’m sure you’re the one who showed it to me back in the day. I think it was on TooMuchCoffeeMan or something but I’ve slept since then.

And in other Fanboy geekdom alert news. T-Minus 7 DAYS Till season 3 of Doctor Who! WOOOT! Well officially in the UK at any rate, but that damn well won’t stop me from accquiring the personal viewing rights from an alternate source (aka teh intarwebz!). I’m gonna go build me a K-9 in the meantime and in between time.

Remember. …. shit what was that again?