It’s Thursday!

For some unknown reason, Thursdays have traditionally been the day I put up links to useless shite I find on the intarweb rather than my usual witty repartee. I don’t even know how or why I started doing that. I’m sure there was some site that I was initially pulling my crap from that updated on Thursdays and it just sort of became a tradition that I’d save up my useless links until Thurs and spam you all at once.

And as I’d hate to ruin a tradition here is today’s meagre fare, culled from the depths of Youtube.

Yes. I am easily amused. Hey! Just be glad I’m not posting links to bad 80s music videos. Trust me, I could quite easily drive away the two readers I have left! Don’t make me pull this blog over!

In other news, I’ve got the next week and a half off. I’ve had the past week off as well, but have really been too sick to enjoy it. People keep asking me if I’m going anywhere? The simplest answer is nope, don’t have the money and don’t really want to. The more correct answer of course is “further in and higher up”1. I’m just taking time to recharge my batteries and such. Plus it’ll give me some much needed time to fix my car, get new contacts, cut my hair, see a movie or two and read some. If I’m lucky all this recharging will even get my creative juices flowing again.

Anyways, It’s 10 to 4 in the afternoon. Showering and laundry are on the immediate menu and then perhaps afterwards I shall indulge in a quick game of clean up the room. Or if that fails to hold my interest (which I have little doubt on), I shall retire to this comfy chair and plumb the depths of teh intarweb looking for more crap to spoonfeed you next thursday.


1 Cite my source and win a prize.