Mark Your Calendars!

Fedora – Check
Bullwhip – Check

Release Date? – Hell Yeah!

It’s official folks! Indy will be back for the fourth (and most likely final) installment on Thursday, May 22, 2008.


That’s all I now return you to your boring lives!

4 thoughts on “Mark Your Calendars!

  1. I, for one, very much hope that it will be the last one. Unless they manage to introduce an amazingly interesting new potential protaganist (read, Indy Jr.), which seems doubtful, any further sequels would be understatedly lame.

    “And so, Mr. Jones, once again we find that there is nothing you posess that I cannot take away… by pushing over your walker.”

  2. Oops, it seems that I posted anonymously. For some reason, all the identity options are coming up Japanese. And I still need to think in order to read Japanese.

  3. Yeah but if Indy is in a walker, I’d expect Belloq to be in a nursing home and no real threat to our spry hero. (In my eyes he always seemed to be 5-10 years older than Indy in Raiders.)

    But then again, he blowed up real good at the end of Raiders and as the Young Indy Adventures are canon, we know Indy lives to be a spry 93 years young so at least Harrison is safe from that.

  4. So there you go, if they make another movie, and if it takes as long as this one does, Ford can still play the role.

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