A Blast from the Past!


I finally got back in touch with my old friend Steve today. It’s been I think about 5 years or so, give or take, since we last spoke and like all my true friends, we just picked up where we left off. I’m really happy about this because I’ve been looking for him and trying to get back in touch for awhile now, and thanks to Jon, we managed it! Yay for gaijin ingenuity!

And to top it off. Another geeky friend to play Bloodbowl with. Though I am going to have to beat him senseless and make him convert his league to LRB5 rules. Yarr!

2 thoughts on “A Blast from the Past!

  1. Yeah, I didn’t think you’d mind me giving him your addy.

    And what are LRB5 rules?

    How much has the game changed?

    Can Halflings and Goblins still be annihilated with great joy by Orcs?

    People need to know these things.

  2. Yeah, I don’t mind. I’ve been looking for the punk for a couple years now. As for BB, LRB5 = Living Rulebook v5 which is the most current version of the rules, (which isn’t what comes in the box). It’s basically an updated ruleset that has been consistently playtested since the game was last physically published in a hardcopy. They’ve added more teams, toned down some teams to make them less of a nightmare in leagues (*cough*undead*cough*) and one of the biggest changes they made was to make league play a little more balanced. Almost all of the teams have access to 1 big guy that gains spp like a regular player. There’s 21 teams total now with a pretty good mix of skillsets. As for ‘flings and gobbos. They can be squitted quite easily… but then again they’re the only two teams that are allowed 2 big guys, 3 if they take Stars. Flings with 2 Trees and Deeproot the Star Tree are a scary scary sight. And Gobbos… *shudder*. They’re allowed 1 chainsaw, 1 pogoer, 1 bomber and 1 ball and chain fanatic as part of the regular roster. Plus up to 2 trolls and they can get the regular Star dirty players as well. They can be downright vicious if played right.

    You can find the full LRB rules @

    Gimme a shout if you have any questions.

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