People are Pigs!

It’s been one of those fucking days.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m now the guy in charge of the magazine department at work. I have been since early to mid November I think. I dunno, time sort of blurs for me these days so I can’t quite remember. Anyway, it’s a job that runs hot and cold for me. I love the responsibility of it, and I enjoy the task of receiving product and hanging out in the back with the main receiving guy. I have no trouble putting stuff on the shelves, though there are days when I’m woefully behind at keeping the Co-op’ed product displays up to date. My beef really starts and ends with how fucking messy and inconsiderate people are with magazines.

Yeah I can understand that you got a magazine from a spot on the shelf and you’re either not quite tall enough to reach the top shelf to get it back in again, or you’re not sure exactly where you got it from so you put it where you can. It happens. But at least fucking try to put shit away! Don’t just dump it on a chair with 30 other magazines that you’ve spent the last 4hrs pawing through. Or better yet, how about you not use the fucking magazines to mop up your spilled coffee at starbucks you fuckers. For one thing you’re not supposed to have the fucking magazines in there FOR THAT FUCKING REASON, you asstards! I don’t give two flying shits if you’re idly rich cause you’re rig pig husband is making money hand over fist in McMurray right now, at least do the decent thing and Buy the fucking magazines before you read them. This isn’t a fucking library.

Today took the cake. I found a half empty McDonald’s fry container stuffed in the magazine shelf. Not only was it stuffed in the shelf rather than the garbage that was sitting within 4 feet of where I found it, it was BURIED behind a pile of magazines that someone just dumped in front of them.

It’s days like today where my temper gets really, really thin and putting me in a customer service position ends up being a bad thing. Thank god no one asked me to find a magazine for them today or heads would have literally rolled. They probably saw the look on my face and stayed clear. Smart thing. Most animals know when to get the fuck out of dodge, even the pigs.

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