The Wilhelm Scream and Other Sordid Tales

So as some of you who watch tv or go to the movies on a regular basis, you may (or may not) realize that some of the sound effects you’re hearing are stock audio files that get recycled over and over again. A recent example would be the “Sherr-kow” noise from the Doom II video game that has appeared in practically every SF show and movie since then. A more classic example would be The Wilhelm Scream and now you can see just how many movies have actually had the scream incorporated into them in this little spiffy montage

And speaking of spiffy… well, not really… err anyhow. How many of you remember that classic Disney flick, Mary Poppins. How many of you can picture it remade into a horror movie? I know I couldn’t before seeing this little edited trailer.

Okay I think that’s enough tomfoolery from me for this fine evening.

G’bee G’bye G’boo.