And once again we’re going to talk about TV, and specifically about my favourite show this season. (Look if you don’t know what it is yet, look at the title of this post). This post will contain spoilers so if you haven’t seen last night’s (12-04-06) episode then you may not want to read it.

And now on with the show.

Hiro is my Hero!

After last night’s episode I really want to see him fight that dinosaur!!! I think that will be very interesting. Hiro just seems so much more badass with the sword than without, but I still like him as he is now because of his friendliness and his cheerful naivete. It’s refreshing because it’s so genuine and the contrast between him and his future self makes him all the more intriguing… because now I want to know what ended up changing him.

As for the rest, I don’t honestly care too much for the whole DL, Micah & Nikki/Jessica subplot. It just doesn’t seem to be going much of anywhere right now except looping within it’s own little circle of influence. There has to be a better tie to the rest of them than Ando’s stalkerlike attraction to Nikki, Hiro’s chance meeting with DL on the road or Nikki/Jessica’s one night stand with Nathan.

I’m dissapointed that Eden is now apparently dead because I thought she was a real sweetheart despite her being HRG’s minion. And I really was hoping that she and Mohinder could hook up and figure things out.

Very intrigued about the Haitian and his revelation to Claire. I love it when plots and loyalties start to become labrynthine.

I’m glad Issac can now paint without the drugs. It seemed like such a waste. It’ll be interesting to see how or even if his visionary paintings will change without the drugs.

Future plotwise I’m looking forward to seeing what Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who #9 for those of you who don’t recognize the name) will bring to the show when they add him in as Peter’s new mentor, Claude the invisible man.

Which hopefully will be soon because it looks like Pete got too close to Radioactive Man and ends up blowing NYC sky high. Either that’s what happened or he’s having a precognitive dream and putting himself in Nukeboy’s place.

Anyways. Despite it being 9pm. I’m exhausted and am now going to crash out and sleep. G’nite.