And for my next trick…

Yay for me! I finally managed to successfully track down torrents for the last 5 episodes of this season’s Battlestar because I just can’t cut a break at work and always seem to be scheduled when the damn show is on and also when it’s repeated. And I don’t have a VCR currently so I can’t record it like a sane person would so don’t bother asking why I didn’t just do that, if I could’ve I would’ve so there.

I haven’t watched them yet. I’m still playing catch up with season 2 right now. I’m at the part where Galactica discovers the Pegasus. I should be all caught up fairly soon though and I hopefully I won’t have to download too many more episodes after this before I’m fully up to speed. Though I suspect due to my craptastic work schedule I’m probably going to end up downloading the whole season just so as I can watch it. And yeah, I will be buying the box set when it comes out as well so don’t worry, no little paramount ad executive’s children will starve because of my actions.

Anyways, now that I have that fun task out of the way (for now), I am currently attempting to DL all 26 episodes of the classic British tv series, Robin of Sherwood. A whopping total of 9GB if all goes well. It was probably one my favourite shows growing up. I loved the gritty realism of the setting. It wasn’t errol flynn or disney’s foxy Robin hood. This was muddy, grimy wet and utterly pagan in it’s realism. It struck a very deep chord in me when I first watched it, and that chord has resonated ever since. There are many parallels between those early Robin episodes and Peter Jackson’s LoTR series that struck very similar resonances with me which is probably why I liked LoTR as much as I did as well (well, other than the fact that I’m a raving tolkien fanboy that is).

Anyway, I’d love to buy the DVD set for Robin but I don’t believe it’s available outside of Region 2 without selling off your thirdborn child (which is serendipitous as my first two have already been promised to the Tylium mines on one of the moons of Kobol due to the aforementioned Battlestar DLs). Nevertheless, I’ll probably try and pick it up eventually. In the meantime though, I just need to see it and feel it and reminisce at the wonder of it all.