An Update and a Test…

Well, just because it’s only been about a week since my last post regarding my nefarious TV addiction I figured it was past time that I give you all an update and as I decided to switch over the “new” version of Blogger I decided that I’d use this post to test and see what our benevolent Google overlords have bolloxed up this time.

First, the fourth episode of Torchwood redeemed the show somewhat for me. It’s still not it’s anagramatic namesake by any stretch, but it’s still fun and I’m looking to see where they’ll go with it. My only gripe now, (other than the pteryodactyl) is the lack of a larger seasonal story arc. It’s all just been individual episodes to date. Hopefully there has been an underlying master plot lurking under the surface of these past four individual episodes that I haven’t noticed and all will be revealed soon.

Second, the nefarious Robin of Sherwood partially hunts again. I’m currently sitting at 55% of 9GB but I’ve managed to D/L all six episodes of the first season, the first two from the second and apparently the whole soundtrack as well (I didn’t even realize that was part of the torrent). It was an absolute and utter joy to watch the show again after so many years. I had forgotten how much the Sherriff berated Gisbourne and how much fun it was to listen to his tirades. I’d forgotten just how damn cool Robin was, how much of a hothead Scarlet was, how much of a sweet, innocent simpleton Much was, and years before Drizzt made two scimitars cool there was
Nasir the silent but deadly Saracen. Best of all, I think I’ve pretty much discovered beyond a shadow of a doubt where my predilection for redheads started. Ah Marian, wherefor art thou Marian. *le sigh*

And finally, I haven’t had any chance to catch up any farther with either Heroes or Battlestar, but I’ve got both series ready and waiting for me. I should get around to them some time this millennia. I’ve just been too busy lately with work and the like.

Anyway, I do believe that this is more than enough blather for me to test out this newer version of Blogger. I guess if you can read this, then it worked.