Habby Barfday

Habby Barfday to me
Habby Barfday to me

I look like a monkey
Or a Beeeeg ChimpanZeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Yeah, enough of that I think. It was making my ears bleed too. I’m sorry I put you all through that. Hell I can’t even say I’m drunk enough to justify it. My most humblest apologies.

Yeah, so anyway, as of today I have been around on this little planet for a whopping whole 33 years. A mere blip on the grand scale of things. Am I any smarter/wiser/prettier than I was last year? Not really. Well… Maybe the last one but I certainly don’t feel much different. Though with the numbness that precursors teh onset of frostbite, I wouldn’t feel it now would I. It’s bloody cold here this year. -28C today without windchill, and it was pushing -40 with.

And randomly… I’ve got snow on my birthday *HAPPY dance*. It’s soooooo good, regardless of how cold it is. I love snow!

Anyway, thanks to everyone who’s wished me well today, and to the rest of you !!.. (yeah you can all figure out what that emoticon means if you think hard enough). I’m off to eat some cheesecake. Yar!