Dear Karma,

You are a bitch.

The End.


To make a short story long, apparently my mockery of Booblestar and then my renouncement of said mockery has come back to bite me in the arse.

I was watching season 1 yesterday and went to put the last disc into the player so as I could enjoy the last episode and the special features and when I pressed play, the disc spun up with a horrible grinding sound, as if someone had put the disc through a cross-cut paper shredder. The disc wouldn’t read. I took it out and popped it in my computer and the same thing happened. I took the disc out and looked at the bottom and discovered the reason. There’s a little bubble/defect at the very beginning of the disc that’s preventing it from playing. WHEEEEEEEEEE. No biggie I think, I’ll just dig out the receipt and exchange it.

In retrospect, that was easier said than done. First, I realized that I didn’t have the receipt anymore. Second, when I went back to the store that I bought it, they didn’t have a replacement and neither did any of their other outlets. Though they did make the effort to call around to find out who did. Now I’m on their call list for when they do get one in…

Arrrrgh. And all I wanted to do was finish so as I could catch up on Season 2 and then start watching Season 3 while they were being aired. Le sigh.