And it was Gooooooood!

And finally my torrent of all of Season 2 of Doctor Who finished downloading tonight! YAY for teh intarwebz!

Now to see if they’re any good. So far, the only downside is they’re in Realplayer format. It’s not my favourite player by any stretch of the imagination but as they say, beggars can’t be choosers.

Lessee here, what all did they include in Season 2…. I’ve got:

  • 2×00 – Children in Need Special
  • 2×00 – The Christmas Invasion
  • 2×01 – New Earth
  • 2×02 – Tooth And Claw
  • 2×03 – School Reunion [Really looking forward to this one as it’s the return of Sarah Jane Smith and K9… plus Giles from Buffy is ze badguy in it]
  • 2×04 – The Girl in the Fireplace
  • 2×05 – Rise of the Cybermen
  • 2×06 – The Age of Steel
  • 2×07 – The Idiot’s Lantern
  • 2×08 – The Impossible Planet
  • 2×09 – The Satan Pit [Editor’s Note: Hrrm… I’m noticing a distinct lack of originality on these names. Here’s hoping the stories are better than the generic “The Adjective Noun” format]
  • 2×10 – Love and Monsters
  • 2×11 – Fear Her
  • 2×12 – Army of Ghosts
  • 2×13 – Doomsday

So if anyone else can’t wait… you know who I am and where to find me. Buy me a pint and I might even burn them onto DVD for you.

Hrrm. I wonder if I should try for Booblestar next and watch it over from the beginning just to see if it can catch my attention. It wasn’t overly compelling to me for some reason the first time around, but who knows, maybe I’m just not into blonde cyborgs with LED enhanced spines. Oooo I know!


(wait… is that even airing yet?)

*scampers off to check*