YAY! The Hip have a new album due out in mid-October and they’ve posted the first single on their website if any of you are interested.

It’s not old-school harder Hip, but it’s not the softer sounding Hip they’ve been during the last couple of albums either. It’s kind of a pop-ish version of something somewhere in between that leans (or yearns almost) slightly towards the heavier side in my opinion. It might be one of those, this song is “ok” on the album but blisteringly amazing live (a la 700 ft. ceiling). I’m not quite sure yet, I’m going to have to listen to it properly instead of it being the first song I hear when I groggily wake up in the morning. From what I heard it sounded it fairly interesting, that’s for sure. It’s not an instant favourite yet, but it just might grow on me and there is always the rest of the album to look forward too as well. Besides, it’s NEW Hip so I’m Happy!

Check it out @

It should be the latest post in the news section. The song is “In View”.