Under Construction Warning

Just felt that it’s time to warn everyone. I’m going to be fiddling with the code for the website over the next little while. I’ve finally decided on a new website theme and layout but I’m not quite ready to implement it or to reopen the whole site just yet. I still need to try and integrate it with Blogger and see if it will work properly and as seemlessly as I hope. Unfortunately this means that I’ll probably break things multiple times in the process of perfecting it. Links and images may break and the blog may become unreadable or unreachable while I fiddle with shit.

Just figured I’d give everyone fair warning to prevent the inevitable email(s) telling me that my website is broken. Yup, I know it is. I was the one who most likely broke it. Now go away and let me fix it you impatient bastards.

Anyways. Consider yourselves warned.