Go Oilers Go!!!

Go Oilers Go!

I gotta say though, I really didn’t expect them to win tonight. Both teams were really feisty tonight and the Oil capitalized early on the energy from the crowd but I’ll give the Ducks some credit, they did rally hard in the 3rd and didn’t give up easily. The Oilers were up 4 nothing mid way through and just sorta sat back and went into neutral which is a bad thing, regardless of the score. Though I’m sure the flu virus that a few of the players are fighting hasn’t helped any either. Lots of them just looked lethargic by the time the 3rd period rolled around.

Nonetheless, we won. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t great hockey. But it was a win and one that puts the Ducks on the brink of golfing season and the Oil on the Cup’s doorstep for the first time in a VERY long time. So… once more with feeling: