A Blog In Balanceā€¦

Yes, for those of your who’re curious, the background and style that you are seeing now are part of the site overhaul that I’m sporadically attempting to work on. I’m still tweaking things and trying to get rid of any extraneous code that I don’t need anymore as well as trying to solve the coding riddle that I’ve run into as to how to make the images that occur in the translucent sections more opaque. I’d prefer them to be opaque all the time and just have the section surrounding it be translucent but if I can’t manage that, then at worst I’ll accept them just becoming opaque when you mouse over them. Either way though, it’ll take me some time to learn the ins and outs of coding that properly so in the meantime you’ll just have to live with the translucence. At any rate, enjoy what you see for the moment, I can’t promise that it’ll stay the same.

And before the bitching starts, yes I know it’s probably hard to read and I’m working on that so bear with me.