Texas Oddities…

How’s this for random sacreligious humour.

When we were driving down to Galveston a few weekends ago we came across a huge billboard advertising a nudie bar with an attached sex emporium/gift shop up ahead. In the middle of nowhere mind you. I figured no big thing, it’s probably because some holier than thou tightwad doesn’t want the ladies shakin’ their maracas on his front lawn (which by the way, I myself would be perfectly happy with). We drive on and about 500 feet before the property line for the bar, we see another billboard that had us laughing our asses off.

Forsake the Porn & Be Reborn
– Jesus

We both were laughing our asses off at the concept of this being something that the J-man really said and was quoted on. I mean seriously. Was Jesus just hanging down at the local newstand in ancient Jerusalem watching people buy up all the ink on papyrus sketches of nubile young nazerene women gyrating with palm fronds to the beat of the Roman tribune’s marching drums that he immediately jumped up onto his pulpit and screamed the above epitaph? Somehow I think not. Though the more that I think about it, perhaps that was a deleted scene from the Life of Brian.

Food for thought.