“Microsoft Updates iPod”

Now, while I’m not one of the world’s elite Mac snobs, I do recognize the fact that they’ve got a good thing going with their iPod and iTunes product lines.

Their branding seems to be centered on the logic that Mac users are more computer savvy than the rest of us and are therefore elite. Which is enforced by their packaging (both internal and external) that promotes a minimalist design that, in essence, says that “we don’t need to have flashy product write-ups on our packages, our customers are smart enough to know what they want”.

On the other hand, the evil that is Microsoft seems to be focusing on the general populace who don’t know diddly squat about computers and therefore have to have everything spelled out for them phonetically. Or the other option is that they just like to impress people with big words.

A perfect example of this is this little video I stumbled across the other day that posits a “What if Microsoft redesigned the iPod?”

Talk about truth in advertising.