I Hate Mornings

I really do. Anything before noon is really a waste to me. I can function well enough, despite my complaints to the contrary, I just don’t enjoy it. There is just something about the bright and cheery atmosphere that early morning has that annoys me. The same goes for “morning people”. There should be some sort of law against having that much sunshine crammed up your ass at any one time.

The only exceptions to my “I hate mornings” mantra are mornings when the world is covered in a shroud of fog, mist and dampness. I love the muted, mystical quality that pervades everything as fog swirls around and embraces them. It makes everything feel more real than when I see it under the harsh glare of sunlight. I especially enjoy days when the fog persists all day and the sun can’t burn through it.

Sadly you don’t get many mornings down here like that. I’ve seen 2 total since I arrived here and they were both gone within fifteen minutes of the sun rising. Both occasions were high on my “BAH HUMBUG” list but what can you do.

Anyways, I just felt the need to spew forth some text this morning and this is what stumbled out of my “awake before noon-time” brain. Once I get into gear and whatnot, I might actually bother sounding off on the crap that’s going on in Europe and the Middle East regarding the “Muslim Cartoon debacle”. Of course to find the information that I’ll need to form an intelligent opinion I’m going to have to either search for news reports outside the umbrella of the US media or waste my time sifting through 18 billion pages of celebrity gossip, grammy award upsets, US Olympic team propoganda and generally crap news just to find out a nugget of truth.

Anyways, that’s a rant for another post. One that’d be better served once I get my head on straight and have at least a modicum of facts at my disposal.


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