Midnight Randomness

It’s midnight and the wind is blowing like a mother fuck outside right now and I can’t sleep. Thankfully, I finally conned my wife into letting me read The Rule of Four before she does so I at least have something other than this idiot box and the cathode ray idiot box to keep me company tonight while I attempt at having a restful night of sleep. I highly doubt it though, it’s just the story of my life lately. Can’t sleep and when I do sleep I end up being very restless and what not and then my wife grumbles at me the next morning for looking like death warmed over when I steal her car and run off looking for work.

Speaking of work, I have an interview tomorrow night for a Manager in Training position and hopefully it’ll go well cause the callbacks and formal interviews have been few and far between since I started this job hunt. Now for the bad news… position is at fucking Radio Shack. *Shudder*.

Now what I want to know is what the hell I did wrong in a past life to get this kind of nasty karma. I mean Radio Shack is the debil. I should know, I was Satan’s little HELLper there for 4 effin years, and now after all the resumes and informal “Hi, is the manager in?” interviews I’ve done since I came here, the universe decides to kick me in the teeth by making this my only “formal” interview to date. I mean what gives? Either they saw the desperation in my online application or I really just suck that much that ‘The Shack’ is all I’m fit for.

Yay go me and my late night nihilistic attitude. I’m hopeful that corporate america will make it all different and shiny and new… but quite frankly I doubt it. Once a retail hellhole, always a retail hellhole.

The only quote I can muster on the subject amounts to “Radio Shack. You’ll not find a more wretched hive of scum and villany. We must be cautious.”

And as per the norm lately, this entry has meandered off topic. Hell I didn’t even get the original reason I started this post out before I went off into “I’m a bitter and cynical job-hunting loser” land.

Ahhh fuck it. You can learn about the other topics another time. I’m going to go and attempt to sleep off this little emo fit I’ve typed myself into.

G’nite (may at least one of us get some sleep)

3 thoughts on “Midnight Randomness

  1. Hey hey hey, I resemble those statments I was a Manager and work for the Shack for eight years and …. nope can’t think of a single go thing to say about it. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy thought. Love you lots Greg and good luck.

    PS It could be worse, the job could be salary. 🙂

  2. Heh, salary wouldn’t be so bad to be honest as it would most likely include benefits. The thing I’m dreading more than anything though if it’s commission based sales.

  3. Nuff said on commsion. They don’t normmaly do commissions for mangement though. Still good luck.

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