A Woman’s Touch

For those of you playing along at home you may have heard me bitching about not being able to get past the first boss in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. I’ve been having real issues with it trying to get past all the mobs that spawn (and respawn) along with the boss. I knew what I needed to do but my execution was… less than stellar and gave my wife fits of giggles as she listened to me swear like a drunken sailor whenever I’d get my ass handed to me.

Today I decided that I was going to get past the boss come hell or high water. This sentiment lasted about 20 minutes before I tossed down the controller in disgust and started surfing around online to take my mind off things. During my surfing downtime, my wonderful wife wanders in and seeing me on the computer and the controller just sitting idly by, she picks it up, asks a few questions as to which buttons did what, and then procedes to kick the living shit out of the sand creatures and subsequently the boss without even breaking a sweat. I think it took her a total of two or three attempts before she handed me the controller to let me watch the cut scene

And her reason… she wanted me to get to the save point so as I’d quit my bitching and she could watch TV.


Now I’m in her debt… Why do I feel like Han Solo with a Price on his head.

7 thoughts on “A Woman’s Touch

  1. So THAT’S why you married her… to get you past the hard guys in the video games… it all becomes clear now…

    And DANG! You picked a girl who knows how to use the word “Piffle”. I gotta meet her sometime!

  2. Piffle isn’t really a word. It’s more of a sound effect. Still, she puts it to fairly good use, usually at my expense.

  3. For those of you reading along at home and actually bothering to read the comments on old posts, yes, I am talking to myself. I’m that bored.

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