4 thoughts on “Oh Noes!

  1. It’s simpler than that. The value is based on linkage. You don’t do things like blogrolls, so you don’t have a whole lot of linkage. You don’t have a lot of people quoting and linking to you (according to Technorati I should add), so the value is not there according to the calculator.

    It is meaningless. Not to worry Pancho.

  2. Oh I’m well aware of how utterly meaningless it is as well as how it’s calculated but it’s my site and if I want to be an whiny emo internet drama queen then I have every right to do so. *Pout*

    Now sod off you son of a silly person or I shall taunt you a second tiiiime.

  3. Where’d you get the “painting” of yourself for your pic on the right anyway? Was that just a photo teased in PS?

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