Digital Rights Management & You

Well, it’s teh day after halloween and I figure I’ll toss out a little horror story for you to tide you over until next year. Here is a solid reminder as to why I loathe the recording industry and their witch hunt against piracy. I’m all for them protecting their product, as long as it doesn’t invade my system unknowingly and leave it potentially vulnerable.

Man… with record companies doing shit like this, the occasional mal-ware/spyware that you can get from P2P filesharing seems so much safer.

Bastards! And not the right proper kind either.

One thought on “Digital Rights Management & You

  1. And to follow up…
    Apparently Sony have released a patch that makes the invisible files visible and uninstallable. There’s nothing worse than a million angry voices crying out on teh intarwebz0r.

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