Finding Serenity…

This webcomic about sums it up for me.

Yes, I am a Firefly geek. I never got to be one the first time around so now I’m making up for lost time. Let’s hope that the rumour that Serenity is just the first of three Firefly movies coming soon.

And remember, if someone tries to kill you. You try to kill them right back.

In other news, I’ve enabled comment verification to cut down on the automated spam that plagued the blog a few weeks ago. I know it’s a bit of a pain in the arse, but it’s the only option that Blogger offers as an anti-spam measure and there’s a perverse little part of me that enjoys knowing that your little monkey brains are having to decipher and type in a gibberish word just to communicate with me. Besides, there are only like 4 of you who bother posting to the comments anyways, so I figure it’s not going to be THAT big of a hassle. If you have something to say, you’ll end up saying it one way or another.

3 thoughts on “Finding Serenity…

  1. As for Serenity, I luckily got to see the 11 that aired the first time around. Now I’m really looking forward to seeing the remaining 4 and the movie.

  2. We bought the whole series on DVD before we moved and recently finished watching them all. I’m such a latecomer Browncoat.

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