Ideas Awhirl…

And so the momentously rusty gears that reside inside the infinite vastness of my skull have begun to turn once more. The floodgate on the waterwheel of my creative genius has opened and I’m starting to scribble stuff down again. Part of it is novel-esque storyboard stuff, part of it is gaming environmental and background information for my fantasy campaign, Tarsere (which also loosely links in to the storyboarding), and part of it is for a couple of new rpg campaigns that I’d like to start, namely a space campaign along the lines of Firefly and another that is a world/dimension hopping campaign in a similar vein to Stargate with a bit of Sliders thrown in.

Now all I need is a) players for these campaigns and b) a juicy book deal from a major publisher. Sadly A will come long before B but there is always hope.

Anyways, I’m going back to doing whatever it was I was doing before I decided to share this infinitely useless piece of minutia.

One thought on “Ideas Awhirl…

  1. B might come first at the rate we’re going for finding players. Either that or I have to play 5 different characters. :)~

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