Your Wish Is My Command

Okay, for the time being I’ve added a link to my Amazon Wishlist on the side of the blog for all to see, peruse and laugh at. It’s more a list of things that I want to pick up in the future than a list of things I want people to buy me so please do not feel like I am hoping or expecting any of you to get me anything from it.

I figured I’d stick it up there in case any of my family who’re reading this need birthday or holiday gift ideas. Plus it was something to fit in the links part of the sidebar for now. I may move the link permanently elsewhere in the website or I may take it down altogether once I am done fiddling with the blog. I’m not quite sure yet.

Anyways, I think I’ve blogged more than enough for today so I guess I’ll just shut up and go work on my packing lists so as I can get my belongings down here soon.