Mmmm Bloodbowl.

So tonight I thought I’d wander over to the Games Workshop site and see what’s new in the unaffordable, but extremely cool looking, world of the Warhammer hobby. Initially I went to see how much it would cost to replace all my Citadel paints that I donated to Trevor before I left. Apparently a complete set of all 66 paints comes out to be roughly $200 US. Yeowch. I’d totally forgotten just how much of a money sink the hobby was. *le sigh*… and I was so looking forward to getting back into painting stuff again.

This feeling was of course amplified a thousandfold once I started snooping around at some of the new miniatures out there. I stumbled onto the Bloodbowl miniatures page and was greeted with a plethora of team choices. I knew they’d added more teams and rules but the amount available was stunning. I was particularly impressed with the completely new 2005 human team. It’s truly the first time I’ve been pleased with the way the humans look. I’m sorely tempted to pick it up as a supplement/replacement for my scratch built humans. Of course I’d also like to pick up some of the lizardmen, Ogres, amazons and the other new stuff as well just cause they all look like they’d be fun to paint.

Which brings me full circle back to not having any paints. Ah well, one of these days I’ll have more money than sense and will be able to waste it all on frivolous toys like this. Anyhow, it’s now officially much too late and I should be in bed before my incessant keyboard tapping wakes the wife from her slumber and I get in trouble (I’m good at that :P).

6 thoughts on “Mmmm Bloodbowl.

  1. Yeah, I’ve seen their work before and I like it. It’s definitely fun and comical and fits in with the lighter hearted theme of BB. I could definitely add a few of them to my human team for “colour”.

  2. I thank you for the donation and have already used them. Funny thing it was on Blood bowl figs. Any ways if you want I can send the down to you 🙂

  3. No need Trev. I gave them to you in good faith so enjoy them. All my miniatures are still up there so shipping them down would do me absolutely no good whatsoever. Thanks for the offer though.

    Besides, this way I can eventually “justify” buying new ones with Rachel *evil grin*

  4. Hey if that means I can spend the money on new paints then I believe the answer to that is “Why of course you can my dear” followed sotto voce with “As long as you use your own brushes”.

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