Elementary, My Dear Watson.

Ahah! I’m so glad I have a wife who stares at code all day long. Within 5 minutes of looking at this new blog template, she picked out the glaring error as to why the Recent Posts links on the side weren’t working properly.

*insert gratuitous applause here*

Of course she left it up to me to fix *grumble grumble*, but at least I knew where to look and what to fix thanks to her. And as per the norm, it was something as simple as forgetting to redirect the links to the journal’s proper sub-directory.

Now all I have left to do is play with the template’s built in stylesheet so as it’s not conflicting with my own, re-implement the title header for my blog, figure out exactly what I want to do with the atrociously long list of Archive pages on the right side (and/or the bottom of the page), and fiddle with the commenting page to see if I can get it to conform with the blog’s style and layout.

Wish me luck.