A Work Of Art

I stumbled across this interesting link earlier today after randomly link jumping through various blogs and livejournals. It’s an interesting face morpher java applet that takes an image you provide and morphs it so you can “theoretically” see what you’ll look like in 30 years or whatever. It also has some neat artistic morphs such as what you’d look like as a Botticelli painting or Manga cartoon.

I didn’t overly care for the Age/Race/Gender versions of the crappy picture I uploaded but the artistic morphs were quite cool.

Here are some pics.

The Original Image (note this is about a 3 years old):

Me As A Japanese Manga Character:

Me As A Sandro Botticelli Painting:

Me As An Amadeo Modigliani Painting:

Me As An El Greco Painting:

The things I’ve learned through this.
– Firstly, I’m a creepy looking manga character. As long as I’m not starring in Overfiend though, I think I’ll be okay.
– Secondly, Botticelli thinks I’m fat.
– Thirdly, I really need to morph a more recent image and see how it looks and what’s changed.(If it looks cool enough, I’ll post the changes).
– Fourth and finally, the El Greco pic is my personal favourite because I look like a young Peter O’Toole which definitely rocks me right down to my socks. Once I clean up the image some, I am definitely going to use it as a replacement for the little wizard icon currently residing in the top right corner of the blog. It’s just that damn cool. Look Ma! I’m a work of Art!!!

Speaking of cleaning up the images. Sorry for the crappy quality with all the extra whitespace. These were just hasty screen captures I took and imported into MSPaint because I was lazy and in a hurry. I’ll clean them up with a real program later tonight and repost them.

EDIT: Fixed and fixed.

Scotty Doesn’t Know…

So the other day I got sucked in to the movie Eurotrip when it came on cable. I blame my wife for this as she was the one who started watching it. Needless to say it was actually funnier than I expected. As I didn’t see the beginning of the movie, the inevitable explanation of the song “Scotty Doesn’t Know” and it’s relevance followed. Ever since then it’s been stuck off and on in my head. This hasn’t been helped by the fact that the tune is catchy and my wife seems to have the same problem I have and we’ve been singing lines of it to each other randomly for days now.

Today though it’s taken on completely new and tasteless relevance. Today James Doohan died. That’s Scotty from Star Trek fame for you philistines. Sadly the only thing going through my head after I heard was the song’s chorus.

Scotty Doesn’t Know
Scotty Doesn’t Know
Scotty Doesn’t Know

Why yes, I am a sick, sick bastard. Thank You… Goodnight.

Filthy Mudbloods!!!!

My Harry Potter has not yet arrived. I’m writhing in the pangs of anticipatory agony while I wait. Currently the latest information I have is:

2005/07/19    05:28      International item has arrived in the destination country

But what’s this you ask… didn’t Amazon and pretty much every other retailer on the planet promise same day delivery on the release day? Yes. Yes they did, but there were certain restrictions. For one, all the same day deliveries were limited to domestic orders only. (i.e. Books ordered from Amazon.com and shipped to a US address would arrive on time. The same for books ordered from Amazon.ca and shipped Canuck-side). I made things difficult by ordering the Canadian version and having it shipped stateside. I did this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because all the other books I have in the series are by the same publisher and this would keep the artwork and style continuous thoughout the series. Secondly, I really don’t know how many (if any) changes the US publisher has made and I’d rather have the complete book that the author intended instead of something that was changed to fit a certain market demographic). I’ve never really trusted Scholastic (the US publisher) ever since they decided that Philosophers were evil and naughty but Sorcerers were okay. Plus, let’s be honest, if I’m going to pay that much for a book I want my letter to dollar value to be spot on. Therefore I always want to order Canadian/UK editions of books because I get the extra letter U in all the words like flavour, colour and harbour and can can feel like I’m getting my complete money’s worth1

Sadly though, a few halfwit children (read: teenagers that need a series of swift kicks to the head with a frozen boot) an that lurk on a couple of forums that I read regularly deemed it fit to ruin one of the major plot twists within the book. It won’t stop me from reading the book and I was expecting something of the sort to happen but it has seriously pissed me the fuck off to find out about it in such a fashion. Expect a full rant when I eventually get to page 606 or whatever the exact page number of the dirty deed is.

Anyone care to help me kick the living shite out of a few geeky teenagers using my rugby boots? I’ve got an extra pair around here somewhere with some really sharp cleats on them. They’d be just perfect for raking the living fuck out of these imbeciles.

Ahh well, I guess seething and hatching evil plots of sadistic retribution against a group of anonymous ignoramouses is what the internet is all about. Plus it’ll give me something to do until my package arrives besides working on my website and surfing porn. Yay me.

1. According to comedian Eddie Izzard, the real reason Brits (and by proxy Canucks, Kiwis, Aussies, et al.) have the extra U in all their words is so as they can win extra points in scrabble.