On a Lighter Note…

Since there are far better people than me out there that have already blogged about today’s bombings in London, and done so with much more empathy, dignity and insight than I could have managed, I’m instead going to take a different road and try and lighten the mood somewhat with something absurd and off-topic that I stumbled across at Amazon today

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Now honestly, doesn’t anyone think this is more than a bit ridiculous, perhaps even idiotic? I certainly do.

D&D, and gaming in general, has always sufferred from the nerd/geek/loser stigma. Gamers generally got this reputation because we were smarter. We learned the intricasies of the game and it’s rules and it gave us an outlet to imagine things that, to an extent, we were incapable of doing physically. In no way did we need things dumbed down for us. Hell, 90% of us liked the fact that we could talk to each other in the cryptic language of our sub-culture of THAC0 and HP and XP without other people clueing in to what we’re on about.

Bah, anyways. It’s just another dumbass idea to sell books…

Maybe I should have blogged about London.