Random Links For Random Times…

Just a brief miscellany today consisting of a few random links to help you all amuse yourselves to some degree.

First up… who knew that Tom Cruise is a Dark Lord of The Sith and that he recently took out Jedi Master Oprah… (Okay, the last bit of that sentence is just wrong on so many levels. *shudder* at ever being Oprah’s Padawan.)

Next up in the whack-ass United States of ‘Mericky (which is a perfectly plausible pronounciation of America if you’re from Belfast, trust me on this one.) Apparently an elementary school kid got suspended from class for pledging his allegiance to The United Federation Of Planets. I’ve got the Defiant and Enterprise on Stand-by in case the situation turns ugly.

And, perhaps the aforementioned suspension is the explanation as to why Captain Picard went Mad.

In the fun but totally useless to modern society category, we have the Expiration Dates of some common household items. I knew honey was immortal, but it’s scary that mayonaise almost is as well.

Here’s a cute one for all of us who were once innocent kids (yes, I was innocent for at least 5 consecutive minutes during my early childhood… honest!) and had odd beliefs and perceptions about the world around us.

And finally, the ultimate in geek-chic. How many of you would love to have A Rotary Cell Phone.

That’s all for now. I’m sure I’ll cull a few more weird ones from the pool today in my travels. If I do, you’ll be the first to know.