At The Hundredth Meridian… Where The Great Plains Begin

To me, there is something totally envigorating and freeing about driving down the highway at speed with the windows down and your favourite songs blasting loudly over the speakers, drowning out the wind, your own off-key singing and all your worries and cares. I had that today. It was a good day.

It finally felt like it was spring to me today for some reason. Things were good. I got things done that needed to get done and that was a good feeling, especially since I haven’t had much sense of accomplishment recently. This winter has nagged at me more than most. Flippantly I could say it was the lack of hockey but I never was that much of a disciple of the puck… a good game of footy or rugger though and I’m yer man.

Anyways… I’ve got a goober mutt that needs walking then I might go outside and write some as I’ve got some creative sludge up my nose or whatever. If nothing else I need to write some of these character names down for posterity or I’ll kick myself two weeks from now when I try to remember it.

Enjoy yourselves before I do 😛