Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers…

Okay, so I blatantly stole that title from one of the Red Dwarf books by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor (or Grant Naylor as their collective writing genius is usually accredited as), but it’s fitting in a roundabout sort of way. That is to say it speaks of cheesy, enjoyable British science-fiction television. So, while this entry has nothing specifically to do with Red Dwarf (beyond a faint hope that the forthcoming movie won’t suck anywhere near as much monkey cock as the current HHGTTG farce that’s coming) it does have to do with good British Sci-fi television.

Yes, if you haven’t guessed yet, this is another Doctor Who entry.

So I watched the second episode with a little trepidation as I was worried it would end up as rushed as the first one seemed to be. Thankfully the pace was much more enjoyable and relatively sedate. There was a fair amount of character development, both from Rose as the fish swimming way out of her depth and from the Doctor to help explain why he is the way he is this time around, but not their whole life history so to speak. Just enough to keep us interested (or me anyways).

I am slightly dismayed to find out that he’s the only Time Lord kicking about these days though. His explanation of events gives me worry that in one fell swoop they’ve written out two of his most intrinsic nemeses, The Master and The Rani. But then again, there’s always hope that it’s just a slip of a 900 year old time traveller’s brain. After all, there never has been a series bible as to what can and can’t be done and numerous episodes have contradicted themselves on a number of occasions.

There’s a few other perrenials that I’d love to see pop up in the series as well just for nostalgia’s sake, especially UNIT (and possibly a cameo from Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart), the Daleks, the aforementioned Master and Rani, the Cybermen and of course at least one run in with at least one of the other Doctors.

Speaking of those, I suspect that it would probably have to be Sylvester McCoy as he is the only one that still has a chance of physically resembling his incarnation. Of those remaining, Tom is a tad old and silvery haired now, though still a fine actor in his prime. Peter would be a good fit as well, though he’s a little a little rounder in the face in the last interview I saw. Sadly I think Colin is right out as he has completely gone to seed and looks like a tubby little bowl of pudding. As for Paul McGann, he might work as well, but he never really identified with an audience so they probably wouldn’t recognize or care for him.

At any rate, Tuesday is just around the corner and I have much to look forward to.