A Blast From The Past and Other Tales of Inequity

Man… I love old DOS games from “the dawn of the home computing age”. They were so very cool and what I grew up on. No 32 bit Colour graphics with 256mb Video Cards for me. Back then it was all 4 colour CGA… or if we were lucky 16 Colour VGA graphics. I sometimes miss playing these games. They could keep me occupied for hours on end. Sadly they all pretty much have become unplayable as technology has advanced and their code became archaic and incompatible with modern computers.

Thankfully, we have such wonderful little programs known as emulators that allow us to relive the glory days of such classics as Eye of The Beholder and Star Control (and their sequels). You can find them all here at Abandonia – The Home of Abandonware DOS games.

Now if they only had a copy of that damnable Nuclear War game that I loved so much (and have blogged about here numerous times in the past). Oh well, I can play Star Control for a few weeks straight now and my senile old brain will forget about it.

I also stumbled across this ingenious and geekily-cool high-tech gaming aid. For those of you who are just as geeky as I am and still like to roll a bunch of polyhedral dice around on a Saturday night this is the ultimate in mapping tools available. Ahhh if only I had the money, time and space to do such a glorious thing…

In any case, I’m going to end this now as it’s 3am and I should be in bed or doing something suitably more productive than this (yeah we all know I’m just going to go and play Star Control… shaddup).