Scorched Earth Revisited.

Been playing a lot of Scorched Earth recently and have been having a blast. After playing it for a bit I got to thinking what other old games do I miss. The first one that came to mind was one along a similar vein to Scorched Earth. I used to play it all the time. I think it was called Nuclear War but it’s been so long now I can’t be sure.

You were a “World Leader” and had a little island with 5 cities on it and there were 4 other islands each with their own Computer controlled leader (not very large graphically as they all fit on a single 640×480 screen). The leaders were all parodies of world leaders up to the late 80s, Like Gorbachev and Reagan, (although they were called Ronnie Raygun and Gorbachef in the game). Your goal was to get your cities as big as possible and be the last man standing type of thing.

I can’t remember if you could do one thing each turn or if it was one thing for each city per turn but I know it was limited. Your options were build a nuke, build a plane, put up a defense grid, use propoganda (to steal citizens from an enemy city to increase you own), or protect against it.

The game was absolutely hillarious because each of the character parodies had their own style of attack and would say stupid things every move. Thatcher would bomb you to hell and back and Gandhi was more likely to propoganda you than attack.

Some of the other things that happenned in the game were a Moo Missiles (you launched a cow at the enemy city) and aliens could come and abduct your city, or a 1000 ton weight (like in the roadrunner cartoons) would drop and destroy everything.

If any of you know what game I’m talking about, or can find out anything about it, PLEASE let me know. I’d love to see it again just for old times sake.