So I’ve been unwittingly sucked into watching another tv show… bringing my grand total of shows I watch regularly to a whopping 3½ (half because I haven’t decided if I like or will continue watching CSI: New York yet or not).

I started watching Lost tonight and I’m actually quite impressed. When I first heard the premise, I shrugged it off as yet another Survivor type of show and thought nothing of it. Then I heard that Merry from Lord of the Rings was in it and I thought, hrrm… it might be better than average. Then my wife started watching it (cause she’s odd like that) and started giving me a weekly rundown of things to the point where I was more than a little intrigued with things. So this week I camped the tv and sat and watched an episode and was more than impressed and intrigued.

The character byplay was much more real than anything on Survivor. These were “real” people coping with a horrific set of circumstances. There was no million dollar prize, just survival and… hopefully rescue. I particularly enjoyed the way they introduced us, the viewers, to each character in turn via a flashback. It’s not a tell all flashback though, just a poingnant cameo of their lives that gives us some insight as to who they are and what they’re doing here.

I also like the spooky atmosphere of them not being alone on the island and their being anomalous critters and unanswered questions. It’s got me watching at least and if you get the chance I recommend checking it out and seeing for yourself.