Obligatory Plot Twist…

Some of you may remember a week or two ago I mentioned something about writing again and how what I had written to date really had no definite form or purpose beyond me getting back into the groove of writing again. Sadly I have lapsed over the past little while and haven’t written a damn thing recently.

Luckily though, even though I haven’t been writing, my imagination has been grinding the gears non stop and surprisingly came up with a tangible story plotline that I can easily adapt to my “practice blather” that I haven’t touched in a few days.

The funny thing, to me at least, is that the story that I’ve stumbled apon in my head is now chronologically set many years prior to the original story that I’ve been trying to write now for years. It’s a “world” prequel of sorts, meaning that it’s set in the same world and things obey the same rules and have the same cosmology, but that none of the characters that I’ve familiarized myself with exist yet.

It’s kind of odd. For me the world is already all layed out in my head and, while I have only the barest sketches of things written down, few beyond me have read them and are familiar with it’s nuances. In my mind it’s perfectly logical for me to just take up another tale in a comfortable setting and run with it (and I intend to), but I find it a little worrisome that this new story itself will have to wait until the original story sees the light of day so as to introduce the reader to the world and to lay the groundwork of understanding type of thing.

I could always just write this new prequel as a stand alone event, but I feel that it would be lacking without the prior mythos of the world that would be established in the first story. Plus the original story doesn’t work (at least in my mind) as a sequel to this new story. One defines the other, but the reverse isn’t true.

Either way, I’m going to do a brief rewrite of my practice blather to pull it into line with the plot outline that I’ve stumbled upon and run with it from there.

Here’s hoping it all works out in the end.