I’m a Ninja!!!!

Wow. Almost a little over a week since I last blogged and I don’t think anyone else has even been to the site to notice that it’s back up. Talk about a sudden crushing feeling of unimportance and insignificance *sniff*

Sadly I haven’t gotten any farther on updating more content for the site. Just haven’t had the inclination to be honest, plus I haven’t been sleeping all that well lately so my whole day/night schedule is totally out of synch. Really annoying when I want to do stuff during the day and I end up sleeping fitfully from 7am till 9pm or later. Sucks to be me I guess. Long gone are the days when I could easily stay up for 28 hours straight (or longer).

In other more mundane, but immensely more fun (for me anyways), news, I’ve started gaming again. Which is great for me, because I’m actually getting out of the house and socializing with my friends again instead of being the anti-social hermit with no life that I was becoming. We’re playing GURPS and I’m enjoying just playing around rather than running something. I’m playing a classic shaolin monk zen buddhist/pacifist type which, as per the norm with my characters, doesn’t quite fit in with the delusional mage jester, the greedy dwarf, the snobbish elven mage and the impulsively dumbass fighter that make up the rest of the party… not to mention the as yet unmet warrior priest and the miserly leprechaun thief illusionist. The bright side to our little disfunctional party dynamic is that I think I’ve discovered what my motivation for being in the party is: Life is a test and having to endure and put up with the sins and failings of the rest of the group is a test of my spiritual endurance and purity. Which, knowing my friends is a near impossible task. *grin*. To top things off, I’ve gotta get some fortune cookie zen snippets of wisdom memorized or written down to spout off when the others do something very stupid… and hey these are my friends we’re talking about so I’m gonna NEED a lot of them.

A definite plus to creeping back into that “gaming” mindset is that my own creative wheels are starting to turn, albeit slowly while they flake off the rust and detrius of mis-use, and I’m starting to eye my own campaign world and am thinking about going back and working on it some more. I’ve got a number of ideas that I’m tossing around including actually putting effort into working on a CAD version of the world map using Campaign Cartographer. I’ve also started thinking about redesigning the world map in general. Nothing drastic, just want to expand it somewhat to emcompass a few peripheral ideas that I’d like to incorporate into the game.

With the 4th Edition of GURPS looming on the horizon I’m probably going to hold off designing any crunchy rules until I see which system (GURPS or D&D) I prefer better and which I’ll primarily design it for. As much as I like D&D, my renewed interest in GURPS has me leaning fairly heavily towards that but I’ll probably end up doing both at some point just for shits and giggles. But first, the world framwork and design must be implemented so as to accomodate those rules and build upon them.

Anyways, after looking at all the crap I’ve just spewed out about absolutely nothing, I think this is a rather bloated and tubby post to truly be called a ninja posting so I’m going to go and lose some ninja weight for now.