Avast ye scurvy bilge rats! I be postin’!

No, it isn’t International Talk Like A Pirate Day again (Much to my chagrin!).

It’s what I’ve been doing to amuse myself for the past little while. I stumbled across this game called Puzzle Pirates the other day and I’ve been somewhat addicted ever since. It’s a fun little waste of time, java game that involves puzzles and skill games (like those you’d see on yahoo or excite kind of thing) revolving around a piratical theme. It’s as simple as you want it to be or it can be fairly in depth with you owning/captaining your own ship or even owning/governing a small island. The free trial allows you to run the program 10 times for free and if you want to play longer there’s a $10 monthly subscription fee.

It’s a good waste of time if you ask me and an easy way to divert yourself if you’re in need of alleviating some boredom. And they keep adding new puzzles and content so it’s always expanding.

Look me up if you’re interested. My pirate’s name be Braithwaite and he’s based out of Guava island in the Emerald Archipelago. Not that he’s anything special yet, but if you need some pointers I’ll be happy to help.