And I bring you Creepiness…

And now, from the vault of the strange and bizarre that is my life on the internet, I bring you a movie that Neil posted in his blog a few days ago. A little creepy tale about A Cat With Hands

And continuing with the creepy theme, but seguing from fantasy into the harshness of reality, I bring you this creepy, disturbing and very poignant site that I found about a young russian woman’s motorcycle forays into the Ghost Town that is Chernobyl.

Both are spooky and creepy in their own right, but I think the last couple of pages of the Ghost Town pics scare me much more than any silly cat does though (but that’s not to say that I’m not creeped oout by the cat movie too). Reality is always so much harsher and scarier than anything we can dream up. *shudder*…. okay I’m off to bed now, though I doubt I’ll get a wink of sleep. Here’s hoping you fare better than I.