Does Size Really Matter?

It always seems to come back to that now doesn’t it?

I was surfing around this vast little interweb of ours and stumbled across something that made my little geek heart go all aflutter. A size comparision chart.

No, not one comparing the cup sizes of the Star Trek hotties (though I’m sure that there is a cult dedicated to exacting those measurements somewhere out there), but rather a comparision of sizes for the various startships and vehicles of the various series and genres that we’ve grown to love over the years

You can check it out. and compare just how big Moya from Farscape is compared to an Imperial Star Destroyer from Star Wars, or a Galaxy Class starship from Star Trek is. And if you use IE to view the page, you can pick up and move the images so as they’re side by side if you like.

While surfing about I also stumbled across this fun and goofy little tool known as the Historic Tale Construction Kit which is a scan of the medieval Bayeux tapestry that depicts the battle of Hastings in 1066 that allows you to depict your own historic scene.

While I haven’t bothered to create anything respectable on my own yet, I will share with you this link to someone who has.